Published in IWC Ladies Magazine Middle East, October 2015.

Interview with Posearazzi. Published in IWC Ladies Magazine Middle East

Download PDF: Interview with Posearazzi. Published in IWC Ladies Magazine Middle East

Bold. Edgy. Experimental. Fashion brand POSE/ARAZZI is showing the world how Emirati designers are going beyond abayas and traditional wear to create avant garde fusion pieces that stun. Fancy a ribcage shrug, anyone?

By Priyanka Pradhan

he two Emirati co-founders of POSE/ARAZZI are unfazed when people stop and stare. Afterall, it’s not everyday that one comes across a coat with a full- sized human skeleton print on it. But that’s what makes the sisters, Hanan and Hessa Ozair tick.

“For our SS 15 collection, inspired by anatomy, we researched each aspect of the human body: the layers of skins and tissues, shapes and structures of bones and muscles, as well as the colors of the human anatomy. Each extremity, organ and skeletal substance forms the basis of this modern collection with a strong emphasis on the silhouette of the skeleton, which is highlighted as the main focal point on the avant-garde separates. The print is featured heavily throughout the collection as the main fabric and lining of various strong and structured silhouettes,” says Hanan

Ozair, one half of the designer duo. Forms of human organs were deconstructed and re-imagined in the design process while complementing the long and mid-length jacket styles – a signature style of the brand.

This unique design aesthetic and creative independence is what makes POSE/ARAZZI stand out in the crowded fashion market. The sisters are convinced their year old brand has immense potential in the regional as well as international market. To this end, they’re focusing on creating more fusion pieces for women, combining design aspects from the East and West, while leading their own brand message through its use of shapes, fabrics and details.

According to the co-founders, “The POSE/ARAZZI woman is an elite, fashion conscious lady who refines her emotions by being brave, courageous and powerful in her social assignments through her outfits that reflect those characters. POSE/ARAZZI crafted masterpieces aim to empower those who wear the designsby allowing the individuals to embrace their own unique characters and personalities, and display them through their own style.”

Moreover, the brand offers a unique proposition to its clients- It has only five limited edition pieces of each design in a collection, to ensure that the use of exceptional fabrics, trimmings and details, as well as the creative design process.

Interview with Posearazzi. Published in IWC Ladies Magazine Middle East

Interview with Posearazzi. Published in IWC Ladies Magazine Middle East

For the new AW 15 season, this Dubai-based independent fashion label draws inspirations from art, architecture and Middle East sub cultures to create pieces that are transformative.

“One of the most regarded designs is our signature masterpiece that we introduced in our collection for A/W 14-15 that transforms from a long coat to a jump suit!

We introduced through this crafted fashionable piece, the concept of ‘Functional Fashion’ where the piece offers you multiple looks and styles with simple zipping or unzipping,” Hanan explains.
“Another courageous design we introduced recently in our SS15 collection is the new textile skeleton X-ray design that we integrated in all our collection pieces. Through the reversible pieces we introduced, different parts of the skeleton design show and this for our brand is a genuine belief in the empowered and courageous woman of POZE/ARAZZI,” she adds.

Speaking of empowered women, the two co-founders say they’d be honored to dress Qatar’s Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned & Queen Rania of Jordan, as they consider these women as style icons in the Middle East who’ve been style ambassadors from the region, to the world.

Even their designs are inspired by a very global design aesthetic, from the likes of Lanvin, Oscar de la Rental, Maison Martin Margiela & Donna Karan, who according to the sisters blend simplicity of lines and forms with luxury, through materials and techniques in their designs.

However, despite their very international outlook and appeal, the Posearazzi designers are well rooted in their Emirati culture and are proud to represent, design and manufacture in the UAE.

They say, “We may be one of the luckiest designers being from United Arab Emirates, especially from the Emirate of Dubai. The city brings together different people and nationalities from all over the world and there’s an interaction of various cultures through which we learned to integrate the authenticity of the East through customs and traditions with the modern West. All our products are designed and made in UAE and that helps to reflect a positive image and reputation of our brand. Our innovative and avant-garde products are made in UAE and we take immense pride in it.”

The two designers also realize the challenges ahead of them as entrepreneurs, especially in a creative market.

Hanan says, “Perhaps the most difficult thing we face as design entrepreneurs is the limitation in production capacity and the difficulty of implementing some of the designs. We are trying to overcome these challenges by acquiring information and knowledge from the expert people around us in addition to availing courses to enrich our knowledge and background in this area.”

On a parting note, she adds, “My advice to upcoming women entrepreneurs is be confident in yourselves and your work, believe in your capabilities of overcoming all the challenges you will face because nothing is impossible – the word itself says I’m possible!”


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